Relationship counseling can be beneficial to couples who are looking to strengthen their emotional connection, communication and intimacy in all stages of their relationship.  We discuss issues and create solutions to strengthen your love, secure a strong foundation and deepen your relationship. 

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CenterPoint Behavior Health Systems, PLLC.


Hypnotherapy   can be beneficial to  those  who  look to strengthen their connection and, communication to self. Break habits and remove past conditioning.   We discuss barriers and create solutions to strengthen your self view secure a strong foundation and deepen your knowledge  and reestablish the most important relationship you will ever have. 


Sister, have you been putting off your come back after divorce or break up, your second act after retirement, a move or diagnosis? Your revenge success after people have counted you out! Unfortunately, we have been conditioned to suffer in silence and to suffer alone, neither of which are healthy ways to experience life. Let's work together to create your comeback, your second act. We are stronger together, and we are here for you.

Many women carry past experiences and symptoms associated with painful and traumatic circumstance, which keeps her from the life she wants and deserves.  Anxiety, fear, and hopelessness are a few emotions that can linger post traumatic events. We can help you overcome these past experiences and symptoms while guiding you through the process of self-love and healing. 

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